Upgrade your bike vo.7

As the title suggests, the customers who are always favored have changed the frame over three years and powered up. First is Before. I think it's a classic way of assembly, and you can see the particular key points. The three silver method of stem, seat post, and crank is beautiful. It doesn't make sense for the 735 to be "7350". 。 What kind of transformation will this motorcycle that can be seen by the owner's attachment, as he's riding carefully for three years! ? Then, it's after! came out! ! Kagero 2015! In addition, it is not a black JPN Limited black, but the choice of silver has to be tension. I personally recommend this Mithril Silver! If you look at the actual thing rather than the photo, it will be yarare. Gorgeousness is not too flashy, and is not unpleasant. And a chain ring that can be said to be the highlight of this time! Yes, newly installed ROTOR! I got one of the last one of the store! The lightness that can be realized by hand, the clearly smooth chain away, and the rigidity with a good step. The new "heart" of a bicycle will surprise and impress riding. Furthermore, it is a thorough full carbon to the fork. Quick handling is possible by lighter the front. The difference in weight from the standard aluminum+carbon fork is about 300g or more. The vibration absorption of carbon also plays a role in reducing the load on hand. While I was replacing it, it was a good time with my regulars. Rather, it seemed to be more happy to enjoy than him. 。 It is very pleased to be able to provide and share such time. Often, you can find your favorite car as an appetizer. I say, but it's fun not only to ride but also to all the time involved. It was a day to reconfirm the charm of such a fix. I would like to take this moment to say thank you. We will continue to work hard to provide all kinds of "fun" through the piste bike, so thank you.
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