A photo contest sponsored by BROTURES has been decided again after about two years!

We live in a living surrounded by culture.

There will be a wide variety of "value" every day.

It is created by "human" without exception.

And there is a place where humans live and create culture.

The place where they are born, that is,"Playground"

The world is full of such a small culture.

There are no restrictions on the photos to be recruited this time. Of course, you can participate even if the bicycle is not shown. To be strong, it's a theme"Playground"The condition is that it expresses conceptually. In addition, by using SNS, which is being established as a new culture, it is the purpose of collecting more people to participate. Those who are not using Instagram can participate if you send the work to our designated email address. Click here for details! ・ Theme: "PlayGround" ・ Participation qualification: No question. However, it will be up to 2 works per person. ・ Recruitment period: August 17, 2015 (Mon) ~ 8/23 (Sun) ・ Examination period: August 25, 2015 (Tue) ~ 8/31 (Sat) ・ How to apply: During the recruitment period, specify your name, contact information, and work title, and send a direct message to Instagram account @brotures_photo. kichijoji@brotures.comPlease attach a work to the address and send an email. ・ Examination method: All of the works sent to be fair are published during the examination period on the Instagram account,@Brotures_photo feed, and it is the screening period.♥nice! The ranking is determined by the large number. Here are some of the successive works! All of them were nice photos, but as mentioned above, this time it is OK even if it is not a bicycle photo! That said, is it a bicycle shop and is that more advantageous and more advantageous? In addition, it seems that people who have a single -lens reflex camera are more advantageous, but I wonder if held on Instagram will be a little fair. And the prizes you care about are the next opportunity for details! ! However, this time, we offer luxurious prizes and benefits for those up to 10th place! Please send us one of your whole body! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Then again! Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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