MICHELIN PRO4 "V2" is in stock!

I had a holiday yesterday, so my grandparents had a luxury iron plate. Needless to say, it was delicious, but if you want to reflect on it, you'll regret that you entered the store with a short -sleeved short bread backward. If you feel out of place, already. 。 I'm not a complaint while being a treat, but I will tell you. Say first! Grandpa! ! And because I ate something unfamiliar to me. I had diarrhea three times before I returned. The Chinese cafeteria in the neighborhood chain is just right for me. That's why the gastronomy is a Michelin Guide. Speaking of Michelin, it is a well -known tire manufacturer. From such a Michelin, PRO4, which plays a corner of the three clinchers, has undergone a minor change and has been renewed! MICHELIN PRO4 SC V2 ¥ 7,200 (+Tax) Although it was a PRO4 featuring high grip power and smooth ride comfort, this time the compound has been renewed and the life has been longer. Speaking of PRO4 drawbacks, low durability is improved. In addition, by reviewing the cross -sectional shape, the grip power of the characteristic is polished! There are not many tires that can feel the change as much as Pro4. Try it once!
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