Today's book and GREDDY

As you may have come to you, you may notice, but the Kichijoji store often changes the pattern. There are also bicycles and furniture arrangements, and sometimes a big pattern change. The reason why I suddenly started saying this was that a bookshelf was recently created. The place is straight from the entrance, This red BOX on the front. The boss gave me some souvenirs on a variety of male Tamaran books on the way home from the United States. Not only bicycles, but also Harley to Cadillac and tool catalogs are all male. From now on, I will make it a biased bookshelf that is left to the personal taste of all the staff. When you come to the store, you can see it as you like, so please relax. By the way, the story of the book has become longer, but the GREDDY hub has arrived! This time, a new face color is available. GREDDY LIGHT HUB PUPLE ¥ 16,000 (+Tax) GREDDY LIGHT HUB PINK ¥ 16,000 (+tax) GREDDY LIGHT HUB GREEN ¥ 16,000 (+Tax) If you are thinking about custom wheels, we recommend this GREDDY hub first! The rotational force that is too smooth is MADE IN JAPAN. If you want to build a square wheel, I think it would be nice to play the hub. Or rather, I'm aiming for purple. I'll take it. It's just a bit weird, because it's my inscription. We also accept consultation on custom wheels at any time, so feel free to do it! ! BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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