Continental Gatorskin.

Good evening!!! Today is a 4 -wheeled four -wheeled European manufacturer, and is genuinely adopted by German luxury sports car makers. Gatorskin is picup from among the German leading tire manufacturers Continental !!! Many people love it because it will last a long time!? Continental Gatorskin 23c ¥ 5,500- (+Tax) As you can see from this graph You can see that it is a very well -balanced tire. Not only good balance, durable and cushioning, GATORSKIN was originally a practice tire that bicycle racers attach in training. It has spread to the world, and now we have reached an indispensable existence for those who have more skids. It is a very good and popular tire. Use a punk sheet using polyurethane material that has little hardness change due to temperature change It is lighter by its own manufacturing method. Tires (230g), which have excellent punk resistance but are heavy, are limited to this. Long ride (7,000 km is possible if it is normal driving) Skid (slide the rear tires and speed down & brake) If you enjoy it, please experience the greatness of this tire !!!! [Embed][/embed] U-KI.
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