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It is Fuji that will be the first blog! ! A year and a few months have passed since I started working as a mechanic at BROTURES, and I wrote a blog for the first time. Basically, when I'm not good at PCs and writing blogs, I'm sick ... I like rock, hardcore, etc. and like to move my body, so I want to go to festivals in summer! ! Personally, I want to go to BABY METAL most recently! I think there are strangers, so I'll put an image! ! "! ? I think there are people who thought. But I don't say much, so don't misunderstand because I'm not a lolicon or an idol geek! If you are interested, please ask! ! ! The recommendation is "Gimi Choco". I will be fine! ······perhaps. And I will end my story and talk about my bicycle! This time, I would like to introduce my recommendations as in the title. It will be the chain that I also use! The chains are now in the store. The highest usage rate among the customers is the second from the rightHKK BLACKI think. It is also a chain that is said to be the highest usage rate for bicycle racers! However, the chain I recommend this time is the leftmost chain. For other chains, I have given it on my blog before, so please read it! ⇩⇩⇩

Timing and performance to change the chain !!!

D.I.D Racing-Pro ¥ 3900 (+Tax) This chain is a product from Datong Kogyo. Datong Kogyo is a company that has made chains for motorcycles, automobiles, and industrial machinery, and the motorcycle chain has been adopted for many years in the World Endurance Championships, Moto GP, Motocross, etc., and has gained high reputation and trust. 。 Like HKK, of course, NJS is officially recognized as in the package! Don't you think this explanation alone looks good? ? But HKK is the same NJS, and I wrote that the bicycle racer is the highest, but I will explain why I use this chain! ! First of all, it looks like a look. I like silver, and D.I.D silver is silver to the color of the frame. HKK silver comes in black, so it's a bit ... Did you think "I'm sorry!" That's right, that is me. Get to know! Another reason is the chain away.✳︎ This is a personal impression. I felt it when I compared and used HKK and D.I.D in everyday commuting, but I think D.I.D has good chains and has less sound. Recently, I think that there are many customers who are concerned about weight, so I will write the weight for reference! HKK BK 384G D.I.D 362G. How was my first blog like this? I can't deny that the explanation has become too long. I'm thinking about writing blogs such as parts that focuses on something like this! ! Next time, I would like to write a point on hand -assembled wheels, etc., so thank you. The weather is likely to recover from around noon tomorrow, so we are waiting for maintenance and custom! By the way, it is the chain introduced today, but it is the last one in the store ... Fuji
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