The other day's blogBut I introduced it Wow! I went to SKOLOCT EXHIBITION.
Collaboration works with Taboo1.
I wrote it many times, but I also use Ojaga Design x Skoloct I Phone Case. There are so many colors.
If you are lucky, you may be able to do this! ? It was very fun. The space itself at the venue here is also very nice, and there is also a Coffee Maker made in the 30s. The scent of COFFEE drifts in the exhibition hall. There is one world of space, scent, and skoloct. Thank you ngap! It is held until Sunday, so please go to experience the world. Wow! SKOLOCT EXHIBITION
2012. 11. 11.-18. Luxury Research Institute (OMOTESANDO KOFFEE) 4-15-3 jingumae shibuyaku Tokyo 03 5413 9422 And yesterday was a holiday, so I went to the Akikawa Valley to see the autumn leaves.
After that in a hot spring. There are some sights that can only be seen this season instead of riding a bicycle because it is getting cold. Would you like to go out a little? natsuka
4-26-31 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo MAP
Weekdays/11:00~18:00 (No fixed holidays) Weekends/Holidays/10:00~18:00