"Light for bicycles! !! KNOG restock!"

Hello! ! Today is a glue pride! ! When you run at night, you need a light! ! ! ! Today, I would like to introduce the restocked "KNOG" lights! Wright is necessary not only to illuminate the road at night, but also to make the other person aware! ! In particular, Osaka is a city with many bicycles! ! Have you ever been a bicycle or a person who jumped out not only for cars? ? Let's turn on the light so that this does not happen! ! ・ KNOG Blinder 1 ¥ 3,150 (+Tax) It is a USB rechargeable super rim LED light! ! ! Many people use this model! ! It shines for 2 hours with a full charging state and an eco -flash for 11 hours! ! ・ KNOG BLINDER 4 ¥ 5,040 (+Tax) It's a little bigger than Blinder 1, If FRONT is fully charged, it lights for 3 hours and for 50 hours for eco flash! REAR is 3 hours for lighting and 30 hours with eco flash! ! ・ KNOG BLINDER 4V ¥ 5,040 (+Tax) "Rear exclusive" with a reflective mirror 4 vertical LED USB Richarging Light! ! It is 3 hours for lighting and 30 hours with eco -flash in full charge! ! With the brightness of the light and the efficient dimming of the lens, it has more than 800m visibility! ! ・ KNOG BLINDER ARC 5.5 ¥ 13,020 (+Tax) The ARC 5.5 is the highest light amount in the KNOG LED light series, Even 1LED uses an elliptical lens that works efficiently to the front! ! All of the "KNOG" products introduced today are 100 % waterproof, so you can use them with confidence even on rainy days! The traffic rules have become strict since June, so let's turn on the lights firmly! ! ! By the way, July is the Lady's campaign period, so if you purchase the car body on weekdays other than Wednesday, We will give you a "Lucetta" light! ! ! Then we are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA! Ayumu.
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)