Leader Bikes "Cure" Restock !!

Hello! I'm glad it didn't rain! ! It's GROUP RIDE tonight! For more informationYesterday's blogIn the case of reading, it is troublesome. 。 Please come in front of the store at 20:00 for the time being. smile By the way, today we are notified of CURE restock! ! Continue to CRETIN, which was introduced yesterday, is CURE! I think there are many people who are familiar with this image. Leader Bikes Cure COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 100,000 (+Tax) CURE on par with CRETIN as an entry model for Leader Bikes There are various reasons why the prize is slightly higher than Cretin! The hub is a shield bearing (maintenance -free), and the crank PCD is 144. Leader Bikes's high -end Kagero geometry is inherited ... I personally like this front color Sax BLUE! The coloring that looks beautiful during the day and night is honest. Like CRETIN, there is also a development of Matte Black and Gross White! ! When you do a custom, it looks like this! I mentioned it before this, but it is ant to buy a high end and customize it later, but I think there is an option to customize the entry model. Please take a look at this CURE SAX BLUE as an exhibition car in the store. By the way, I think Blue is really popular and moves quickly. 。 。 The rainy season is likely to open, so take this opportunity! Adatch yokohama@brotures.com 045-413-7875
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