Brotures Original Leather Strap in Stock!

Hello! The Kanto area rainy season has opened This is the time when you can ride a bicycle. I can't beat moisture and heat. smile By the way, it is a popular BROTURES leather strap re -stocking announcement that was popular and out of stock today! An genuine leather pedal strap finished by handmade by a skilled leather craftsman acknowledged by BROTURES. Brotures Leather ORIGINAL STRAP BLACK ¥ 6,500 (+tax) BROTURES LEATHER ORIGINAL STRAP DARK BROWN ¥ 6,500 (+Tax) BK of this Teppan, Brown color. And this duck pattern is also available! ! Brotures Leather Original Starap CAMO ¥ 7,500 (+tax) Strong intensity that is not comparable to synthetic leather and nylon. This leather strap does not disappear unless you cut it by selecting a brand instead of a stamp in the BROTURES logo. Not only in stores, but also in mail order, it has become very popular recently, so I think the movement is fast this time. The rainy season is open and it's a bicycle season, so please change your mood! ! Adatch 045-413-7875
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