725TR YOKOHAMA CUSTAM collected!

Hello. This is JUNKI. Recently, every day has passed and back to Kichijoji, and every day has passed quickly. If you notice, it's already summer. There are many opportunities to go out at the Yokohama store, so I remembered that last year I just worked, but it turned black as if I went on a trip. In the summer, there is a habit that is a little painful. I look into my past blogs and feel nostalgic. So let's look back at the custom bike assembled at Brotures Yokohama! Write something like that. Today is725TRWith Shibari. Some of the guys I especially like. It's my favorite, so it may be a bit off, but it's heavy if it's a custom reference. This is what I especially like. It's very simple, but with the DT rimGREDDYI guess it was a surprisingly elaborate custom, which was installed with the wheels that were assembled with the hub. Steering and saddlesFizikI unified, but only the seat postThomsonIt is a stubborn custom that is difficult to understand, but it should definitely be in good shape when riding. This is also one of the hand -gated wheels. For CyCroc color hubsH PlusThe AT-25 has a spoke color silver as a combination. I personally like silver spokes more than black because they glitter when they are spinning. I like this, so either is fine.PaulUsing the crank, it is more stylish than the custom you mentioned earlier. This is nostalgic. The concept of this guy is Italian tied. CampaPistaDEDAorMICHEOne of the Italian brands. As with customers and staff, basicallySramI think that there are many people who like ZIPP or American, and I remember that the heavenly evil demon was activated. Lol This is also a seat post, but I guess I like it. smile This is the one we assembled when the rare pink arrived for the first time. Speaking of pink frames, I have only a longing Andy for me, and the coloring is tribute. Deep in the previous 3 batons. Direct crank, tight stem, thin saddle. Somehow, there is no doubt that such a custom is cool! At BROTURES YOKOHAMA, you can make various proposals from the royal road custom of the royal road that can be said to be cool to anyone who can see it, so please feel free to contact us. The content of the proposal may change depending on each staff. Nori, Adachi, and mizu are the actual pisto users, Various ways and tastes, you will propose custom proposals with the cuts you want. Please consult if you have any trouble. You can sometimes hear interesting stories. In front of the store, regulars often gather, so it may be Omoro to exchange information between customers! Please come to play before the summer batter! Junki
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