BROTURES YOKOHAMA Immediate Delivery !!!!!

Good evening, mizu! ! The other day, I went out in a private, a private, and went out. The purpose of this time is Minato Mirai's fireworks display. The car and the train seemed to be very crowded, so I went with a fixie, but it was a great answer. There is no traffic jam, there is no parking lot! ! It's late, but I'm going to return to my fixie life (laughs) By the way, I want to get into the main subject soon. Today we will introduce the vehicle that can be delivered immediately at Brotures Yokohama. FYXATION PIXEL COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 75,000

The United States is a Milwaukee brand "FYXATION"

It is a very ordinary city that bicycles are part of lifestyle, and have developed products that are easy to ride and have excellent fashionability.

It is a two -color development of Black and RED, but the instant delivery car will be S size of RED. The size is slightly larger, so it is recommended for those in the late 160 and 170 units. It will be a thin frame of chromoly not found in Leader Bikes. I think it is cute even if a woman rides because it has a classic looks. [Embed][/embed] And another one LEADER BIKES 725TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 140,000 This car body that does not require explanation is also available in immediate delivery! ! And we have the most popular BLACK. The size you care about will be S size. The appropriate height is 165cm to 170cm in the right size. I think some people feel that it is a little expensive as a completed car, but it is a body that can be absolutely satisfied in the long run. It is good to customize it, and it is good to ride as a completed car! ! Watch your favorite Massan video and raise your tension (laughs) [Embed][/embed] This time, we have two of them. If you are really a first -come -first -served won, or if you want to ride it right away, don't miss this opportunity! ! Of course, we also accept orders by mail order, so please feel free to say! ! Mizu
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