Leader Bikes 735TR HED CUSTOM !!

Good evening! I had a rest yesterday, so I went to the pool in Saitama and did something like BBQ at night. This year it doesn't look like summer, so it's too much play! Please forgive me for Tsukkomi. By the way, today we introduce 735 custom! ! Frame: Leader Bikes 735TR Folk: Leader Bikes 806TR FULL CARL CARL BON FORK Handle: DEDA PISTA DROPBAR Stem: Fizik Cyrano R1 STEM Front wheel: Hed Jet9 Track Wheel Front tires: Veloflex Record Rear Wheel: Hed Jet9 Track Wheel Rear Tire: Michelin Dynamic Sport Crank: Paul USA Crank Cog: EURO-ASIA DLX Seat post: Thomson Elite SeatPost Saddle: SELLE ITALIA SLR Titanium The specifications were finished like this! ! Install a deep wheel with a rim high of 90mm from the HED and JET 9 on the front and rear! A full -fledged wheel used for truck competitions. The growth during straight and high -speed driving is really terrible. I finished the handle around the truck competition. On the angled FIZIK stem, the track -drop handle royal road, DEDA PISTA. This beautiful curved handle is very popular. For the saddle, SLR Titanium from Selle Italia, a heavyweight of the saddle maker world! It is a beautiful saddle with a very lightweight finish of 145g, but the pad amount is solid! The crank has a beautiful Made in USA playing card pattern, from Paul! Combination of polished arm black card is also ◎ Install the USA manufacturer EURO ASIA on the cog! Finally again! It's a very beautiful look! Of course, the loan is also available. Please feel free to contact us for the price of the body. Adatch yokohama@brotures.com 045-413-7875
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