Leader Bikes Renovatioo Custom Bike

Leader Bikes Renovatio Custom Bike ¥ 288,289- Custom Parts Spec Leader Bikes Renovatio Frame Set ¥ 98,000- (+Tax) Easton EA70 Handle ¥ 9,000- (+Tax) Thomson X2 90mm STEM ¥ 8,400- (+tax) SELLE SMP Composit SADDLE ¥ 20,900- (+Tax) Thomson SeatPost ¥ 8,400- (+Tax) SRAM OMNIUM ¥ 37,000- (+tax) MICHE PASTARD SET WHEEL ¥ 39,100- (+Tax) The theme of this custom is "race specification" !!! First of all, this frame "Renovatio" is a frame that the Leader Bikes USA team actually won the top rank in the "Red Hook Crit" tournament. It is made of geometry that can be specified in the race, but of course you can also specify it even on town riding !! And the characteristic that Renovatio can be used in races is that the rear wheel is bite into the seat tube, and it has a refreshing finish with a compact and smooth finish. It is a mechanism that reduces air resistance applied to the rear wheel. In addition, the intensity and rigidity of the piloting pilot, which is the most important for rowing, etc., has been improved, making it a tough ride and a good handling! Not only that, but also adopted a tip tube, it was thicker from the head tube to the BB, and the strength of the load was applied, and a more comfortable ride was realized. Leader Bikes 7 series, CINELLI MASH, DOSNOVENTA, etc. This geometry is the mainstream for high -spec frames. And after all, there are parts that you want to pay attention to in this custom completed car. That's here !!! SELLE SMP Composit SADDLE ¥ 20,900- (+Tax) SMP standard saddle suitable for long -distance driving. The weight is 230g. The urethral part is hollow, so it keeps lightness and prevents pressure on the urethra. In addition, this saddle does not have any pads, only leather. However, this saddle shape is a geometry that does not hurt the buttocks, so it is a saddle that you can ride with confidence without worrying about the pain. Please come to the store once and touch it. picture? You will be wondering if this hardness will not hurt!? LOAN SIMULATION 1:¥17,620- 2~:¥16,600- Please feel free to use. After the aero shape of the Leader Bikes7 series, why not use this race model!? U-KI.
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