"The chromoly silhouette is beautiful!"

Hello! ! ! It's over in July. I haven't been to the sea yet, so I'm planning to load my bicycle on the car and go to the sea for the next vacation! ! By the way, I have an outstanding motor nerves, but it's "Kanazuchi" ... Well, I would like to introduce my blog, and today's blog will introduce Pixel of "FyXATION"! ! ・ FYXATION PIXEL ¥ 75,000 (+tax) This BIKE, a brand of Milwaukee, USA! ! In the slender chromoly classic style, you can see the handle and components that pursue the ease of riding on the city! At present, there are many things that need to be compromised when searching for a completed car in this price zone, but "FYXATION", which manages components in -house production, is the "FYXATION". Rope rice has been realized without reducing quality! ! There is no problem even if you ride as it is, but ... because it is a fine chari of the chromoly frame, it is worth custom -doing! ! That's why I introduce the custom "FyXATION" pixel! ! ・ FYXATION PIXEL CUSTOM ¥ 126,000 (+Tax) I don't think it's the same bicycle compared to the condition of the first completed car! ! ! The frame itself is thin, so it is simple, but it will be a very stylish BIKE! ・ DEDA PISTA ¥ 8,600 (+tax) ・ Thomson X2 ¥ 8,400 (+tax) ・ BROTURES ALLDAY Front ¥ 16,000 (+Tax) ・ BROTURES ALLDAY REAR ¥ 18,000 (+Tax) Because it is during the ladies' campaign, I set White on the front and rear wheels to make it cute! ! FYXATION, which is imported only for BROTURES from North America! ! Therefore, you can enjoy 100%pure American design without wearing almost people in the city! ! ! If you are looking for a frame that is different from a person or a thin silhouette, please come to the store once! ! Now you can also deliver the same day! ! ! ! We are waiting for you! ! Ayumu.
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