The heat has continued recently, but last weekend I went to Fuji Rock with YOUSUKE in Harajuku! I could see the artists I wanted to see, but it was a good experience to assemble tents and stay in tents for the first time in my life. Using a hammock, if you are sleeping outside, it may be painful to tan and row a bicycle ... My body hurts just on the daytime ... Aside from that, I think some people do not ride a bicycle because it is hot in the summer, but I tried to select items that would make you want to ride a bicycle! I personally select my favorite color. It is a Philwood's HUB that I visited the factory when I went to the United States with 763 about two years ago. Then I bought it because I wanted PHILWOOD! It is recommended for those who have not yet customized the wheels! PHILWOOD TRACK HUB FRONT ¥ 27,800 (OUT TAX) PHILWOOD TRACK HUB REAR ¥ 30,800 (OUT TAX) When I buy clothes, I just look for Made in USA as much as possible, This Hub is "Made in USA" PHILWOOD is also used by home American messengers, etc. It is characterized by a sturdy and good turn. It is also remembered that the blacks I saw in the United States and the foreigners of dread hair were also using it. There is only a shop in the United States, but it was also displayed at Bennygold's apparel shop in San Francisco. There are various ways to assemble, so why not build your own original wheel? We will consult with the rim!
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