Abus Steel O-Chain ¥ 7,140- (+Tax) Abus Tresor 1100mm ¥ 7,140- (+tax) ABUS CATENA 1100mm ¥ 5,670- (+tax) Abus Ultra mini ¥ 6,720- (+Tax) Are you worried about buying a bicycle!? "I want a luxury car like Leader Bikes, but I'm worried about the theft even if I buy it ..." "I can't feel free to ride anywhere!?" However, it is safe if you have this ABUS as a different method (Earth rock). ABUS is a German No. 1 brand that has been making keys at its own factory since 1924, and has become a 4th generation knowledge. Investigation and maintenance with the in -house engineer team, the manufacturing and maintenance of the world's finest security products, the best quality materials, Strict test standards, continuous innovation, the brands that have jumped to Europe No. 1, popularity, and excitement. * We are developing not only bicycles but also motorcycles at the same time. In addition, how to stop the key with the stolen rate is great, the global rock is a frame in a pole that is fixed to the ground or the ground. How to lock locks. If you know this method, the worries about bringing the bicycle itself will decrease dramatically and the theft of the wheel will be eliminated !!! I think it is important for Drovo to lock the earth properly and make it think that it is troublesome to steal !!! If you want to buy but are thinking about purchasing for theft, it is safe. With this locking method and a safe ABUS key, you can protect your bicycle from theft. When purchasing, it is recommended to purchase with the finest key and set. We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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