Color Hub Custom!

Soma Rush Frame Set ¥ 79,000 (+Tax) Above all, this CP color is not distributed in Japan, and is a gem that is rarely seen in Japan. Tubating also uses PredTige, a high -end material of Tange, so its light weight is not inferior to aluminum frames. Such a pumium frame is a bit unique. The parts are chosen based on black. The GREDDY color hub that was just arrived as an accent was incorporated in the ARAYA rim. By the way, this wheel, hub, rim and spokes are all Japan brands. If you have such a small commitment, you will be finished in a bike with a different style of bang and two flavors. I personally think that the hub has a strange color. This time, I assembled it with pink at Junki's arbitrary. I like this area, but it's ants even if I feel blue and blue. The impression is completely different depending on the combination of the rim and spokes even with the same color hub, so you can build your own order wheel. If you want to ride a good bicycle, why not stick to the details?
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