Dosnoventa Detroit2.0Custom using the original color of Brotures. At first glance, BLACK & WHITE is simple, but a solid presence of the biggest feature of Detroit2.0 As expected, Hand Made Italy !! This time, I finished a simple and full -fledged custom that is simple and conscious of running. After all, for the drive system that is directly linked to the runningBROTURES SHRED38 CARBON WHEELInstall. The rim height is low, and it looks like an aluminum wheel at first glance, but if you look closely, the carbon is very lightweight and excellent in rotating. In addition, the crank is explosively popular immediately after the release.Sugino 75DDChoice. The direct crank released from Sugino, which has a huge trust in accuracy, will be the finest crank. In addition, the other components are summarized in Fizik to give a sense of unity to the entire vehicle. FIZIK is a typical saddle, but other parts are also stuck, and it is as good as a major component brand. By all means, please refer to custom reference. DOSNOVENTA DETROIT2.0 Custom ¥ 559,160 [Frame & Fork] Dosnoventa2.0 [Handle] Fizik Cyrano R3 Dropbar [STEM] Fizik Cyrano R1 STEM [BARTAPE] Fizik Superlight Glossy [SADDLE] Fizik KURVE [SeatPost] FIZIK R1 CARBON SEATPOST [Wheel (F & R)] BROTURES SHRED48 CARBON WHEEL [CRANK] Sugino 75DD
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