The BROTURES official site has been renewed for the first time in a few years, so I will touch on BROTURES. Brotures It is a piste bike specialty store that offers "valuable" things selected from overseas. The motto is to keep the pisto culture always, with the belief in continually proposing only "cool" and "valuable things". 2009 In Yokohama, to Jah Life (now Brotures Yokohama Shop) Started to "enrich the Japanese lifestyle". 2011 BROTURES HARAJUKU Open 2013 BROTURES OSAKA OPEN 2014 BROTURES KICHIJOJI OPEN I think your life now is the footprint you have been walking. Starting with clothing, food, living, how to spend work, family, and holidays. There is no doubt that everything is original. We want to be our role to give extraordinary life to the accumulated lifestyle. Crowded train → refresh time TV at home → No play time Frustrated with traffic jams → Aerobic exercise Mamachari that handles poor → My own car By crotching on a fixie bike Thinking, how to play, and feelings that are important. I think you should notice something. We are given a new play close to you, and we will be able to enrich your lifestyle every day. I believe that something will change from the test drive at the store. Please come to play and talk to the staff. ABOUT BROTURES
4-26-31 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo MAP
Weekdays/11:00~18:00 (No fixed holidays) Weekends/Holidays/10:00~18:00