Leader Bikes EQNX Carbon Custom

Frame & Fork Set: Leader Bikes EQNX Framest Handle: Thomson Carbon Cyclocross Dropbar Stem: Thomson Elite X2 STEM Front wheel: Brotures SHRED88 Front tires: Michelin Dynamic Sports Tire Rear Wheel: Brotures SHRED 38 CARBON WHEEL Rear Tire: Continental Gatorskin Crank: Brotures Rip Crank Cog: EURO-ASIA SUPER STAR TRACK COG Seat Post: Thomson Masterpiece SeatPost Saddle: Fizik Arione 00 Carbon SADDLE First of all, EQNX is the only carbon frame of Leader Bikes that everyone longs for! The weight is 1.57kg and the chromoly frame is 2kg on average! And soft ride comfort from the unique carbon absorbing power Once you ride, it will be really habit. 。 And each part! BROTURES original carbon wheels on the front and rear! SHRED88 at the front is a very popular wheel with a powerful rim of 88mm! The cruise after accelerating is truly a word. And here is the original SHRED38 of BROTURES! The characteristic of this wheel is light! It's so light that you'll be surprised when you take it for the first time! The handle is Carbon Cyclocross Dropbar of Thomson! This is also a carbon, so in addition to the lightness of 202g, it absorbs the impact on your hand, so it is a handle that is hard to get tired even if you ride a long distance! The stem that matches the handle is also Thomson's elite X2 STEM! It is a perfect stem for a very stylish pist because it is two points. The saddle is Fizik's Arione 00 Carbon SADDLE! The highest saddle of the Fizik saddle. It is a saddle with no complaints that combine durability, functionality, and comfort using carbon! The seat post is Masterpiece of Thomson! Aluminum is processed thinly and lighter, but durability is perfect! The last is the drive line. BROTURES original RIP CRANK for the crank! It is a direct crank of the same mechanism as the classic SRAM Omnium. And the cog that tends to be postponed in the custom is surprisingly custom is EURO-ASIA's Super Star! It is a superstar in the cog world, which has chrome-plated DLX of EURO-ASIA, which is excellent in accuracy, and gains more accuracy. For those who are on the fix, the specifications of the longing are finished. Carbon parts have a good performance, so the price is reasonable, but Brotures also offers low -interest bike loans. Please feel free to contact us even for a small consultation!
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