Leader Bike 735 Diamond Green

Inspired by L.A skateboard brand Diamond Luxuriously painted on Leader Bike 735 Frame & i805 Fork. The white collar of the sole is arranged on the wheel and Coordinate the outline in black. For things that I value and what I love An advanced custom that matches the custom of the motorcycle. In BROTURES, if it is a monochromatic frame, it is possible to order a color from $ 50,000. If you can bring your favorite items to the store as a color sample, We will apply the world's highest peak by bicycle race builder. Frame: Leader Bike 735 Fork: Leader Bike i805 STEM: Thomson X2 Handdle: Cinelli Pepper Front Wheel: Aerospoke Front Tire: THICKSLICK Rear Wheel: Brotures Allday Rear Tire: THICKSLICK COG: EUROASIA SUPERSTAR Crank: SUGINO75 DD CRANK SeatPost: Thomson Masterpiece Saddle: SDG Duster
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