MUC-OFF bike cleaner in stock!

One of the big attractions of the fixie bike is the ease of maintenance. Due to the small number of parts that make up the body and the very simple gimmick, it comes from the place where messengers started using them for work. However, no matter how much a fixie bike is, you don't have to "maintain". Always keeping the best condition is indispensable to maximize the performance of riders and motorcycles. If you do not maintain high -specific bikes and parts, "treasure rot". Conversely, if you do not neglect maintenance carefully, even if it is not a high spec, you will get more response than expected. That's why cleaners used in the "MUC-OFF" tools France are in stock. MUC-OFF Bio DriveTrain Cleaner ¥ 2,680 (+Tax) MUC-OFF NANOTECH BIKE CLEANER 1 ℓ 1,680 (+Tax) MUC-OFF MICROFIBER POLISHING CLOTH ¥ 1,700 (+Tax) Dissolve from mud dirt on the motorcycle to the fine gaps in the gap in the chain frame. Of course, after cleaning, let's spread grease and oil to the right part. If you can visit us for detailed usage, we will do a lecture. Please feel free to contact us. Toshi
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