"Pist Bike Trick ~ Skid ~"

Hello! ! ! Today, I would like to write about my specialty, "Pist Bike Trick"! ! As with me, I started riding a fixie bike and Mash (legendary piste crew who works mainly in San Francisco) When I saw the video, I first thought it was cool! ! It is a trick that can only be made by a fixie bike, and it is a trick that you will learn first! ! First, see the "Massan" video, which was also the Rider of Leader Bikes!
If you are riding with a fixed gear, if you stop the rowing leg firmly, the rear wheel will be locked and you will be in a drift! ! In this video, we stop rowing and slide the rear wheels to slow down! ! Originally, it was decelerated with "skid" because it was a motorcycle running without a brake! ! Now, it has a brake, so it is good to rely on the brake, but why not try to learn "skid" and stop? ? When I just remembered the skid, I was skiding in the city! ! ! And don't forget that there is something you really need to do! ! that is,

[A strong heart that is not afraid! ! ]

Is also important, but this is the most needed! !

[Pedal strap! ! ]

If you do not attach this, you will not be able to do "skid"! ! To skid, you need the power to raise the pedal, so be sure to wear it! ! BROTURES also has an original strap! ・ BROTURES Strap ¥ 4,600 (+tax) BROTURES Original Pedal ¥ 2,800 (+Tax)And ¥ 6,000 (+tax) ・ BROTURES LEATHER Strap Black & Dark Brown ¥ 6,500 (+Tax) ・ BROTURES LEATHER Strap CAMO ¥ 7,500 (+Tax) If you haven't attached it yet, or if you don't have it, why not take this opportunity? ? Another fun piste bike will be fun! ! In front of the Osaka store, we will lecture so please feel free to come to the store anytime! ! Ayumu.
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