BROOKS CAMBIUM C15 ¥ 20,000- (+Tax) L283 x W140 x H52mm/405g This revolutionary BROOKS New Saddle was announced after seven years. It is made of organic cotton canvas enhanced by hardened natural rubber and thin fiber structure. A saddle that enables long -term use of flexibility and BROOKS tradition. Saddle tops for unique flexibility, maintenance -free, and waterproofing It is designed to provide rider comfort and ease of use. Because it has a structure like a hammock, vibration and impact While absorbing, the comfort during riding creates a performance more than expected like a leather saddle. The natural appearance and feel of BROOKS CAMBIUM C15 is due to braided organic cotton fabric. BROOKS's unique waterproofing is used to protect everything from rain and dirt. Also, the Cambium series (durability, waterproof, and maintenance -free upper part) is a 2013 Euro Bike Award Gold. It is awarded it. In addition, if you are damaged by an accident, you can get spare parts, and a qualified SHOP You can also repair it immediately. The touch is solid, but it is flexible regardless of the appearance and a long journey. It will give you a reward that you can expect to improve. The wasteful movement that you just ride on the sheet when you run a long distance With this saddle, it will disappear in the future. And this BROOKS saddle is generally a popular saddle for those who like classic bicycles. FYXATION PIXEL ¥ 75,000- (+Tax)The condition is good when combined with the chromoly frame like this. If you are thinking about custom in the future, please input this saddle in one corner of your head. We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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