We are doing temporary group service! !

Hello! Yesterday, it became cooler today, and the atmosphere was likely to end in the summer for a while. Even if the summer is over, it is Oita that the temperature will fall. 。 。 By the way, I introduced it today"How to Order Custom Bike"This is a blog that you want to check for those who are considering purchasing the body according to the blog! The previous one was like the first step in the inquiry, but this time it was about the second step. A common question is, "I'm worried about the looks when I put the parts of this car body!" We will respond to that request! We will assemble this template introduced in the previous blog with a close look and send a photo! —————————————————— 【flame】 [Stem] 【handle】 [F wheel] [R wheel] 【crank】 【saddle】 [Seat post] 【others】 ・ Points that we want to be particular about → ・ Customer budget → ・ The image of the body → ・ Use of fixes (distance, commuting or commuting to school) → ・ Delivery time of hope → 【name】 【Address】 【Contact information】 —————————————————— Although it is a temporary group, it takes time, so it is possible to respond if it is a small number of times! By the way, the body in the above photo is the actual body of the customer, and it is also a body that was assembled in email. Please feel free to contact us! yokohama@brotures.com 045-413-7875
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