Aerospoke in Stock Now

AEROSPOKE BATON Front WHEEL ¥ 52,000 AEROSPOKE BATON Rear Wheel ¥ 54,000 AEROSPOKE, which has been popular since the piste boom era Baton wheels are once dreamy, but there is no other baton wheel that can be purchased at this price. I think many people are attracted to Made in USA. This time it is in stock only of this natural, but we also accept painting. Although it is a little heavy, the strength is outstanding, and it is a safe wheel for those who want to install on the rear and skid. Leader Bikes's aluminum frame and classic bicycle race frame are perfectly addicted. The number of arrivals this time is small, so if you are aiming for it, we recommend early. The next arrival is undecided. We also accept inquiries by phone and email, so please feel free to feel free to! !
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