Samurai magazine

"Samurai magazine" I saw Evangelion yesterday, but these two in Roppongi.
"Photographers who created Magnum -Capa, Cartier -Blesson, Roger, Sea More-" FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo History Museum September 1, 2012 (Sat) to November 30, 2012 (Friday)
FUJIFILM SQUARE planning photo exhibition "Michio Hoshino Alaska Takes time" FUJIFILM SQUARE November 16, 2012 (Fri) to December 5 (Wednesday) I feel that there is a landscape that can not be seen just by being here, and there are emotions that cannot be felt just by being here. This month we have been featured in Samurai Magazine.
A private cut between ryujin and Ken-U on the Leader.
Check out the movement of the two who keep your eyes on! natsuka
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