Vertical bike stand in stock

I think everyone is riding a nice bike and sending a wonderful bicycle life. However, surprisingly, everyone will be troubled at least once. Because it is a wonderful car, it is not recommended to store outdoors in terms of crime prevention and condition. Isn't it even more rainy? However, if you put it in the room, it will be difficult to secure a living space. And I want to display my boasting car stylishly. A popular bike stand that solves such troubles in one shot is available! This stand, which uses a vertical space instead of horizontal, can display without eroding living space. The point is that you can display it instead of storing it. Of course, it can be used even if the front and rear wheels are lowered to the ground like a normal stand. Contrary to the delicate appearance, it rarely falls down, and I'm glad that the stand itself is not so heavy. Of course, you can use it for bicycles such as road bikes, but please feel free to contact us as it may not be available depending on the shape of the rim. If you like bicycles, one is an item you want to keep. Why don't you care about your bicycle until you are not riding? Vertical motorcycle tandeau coin for interior ¥ 8,000 (+tax)
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