Recently, I'm riding a bicycle again at night, but the temperature has gradually dropped and it's getting better. Although it is sweaty, it is a good refreshment because it is a pleasant sweat. By the way, today's blog is soon in stock by DEDA handles! DEDA CRONO NERO DEDA CRONO NERO LOW RIDER DEDA DABAR DEDA Street-Issimo DEDA PISTA DROPBAR There are three types of bullhorn, one type of riser bar, one drop bar, and a total of 5 types! DEDA is an Italian brand with a rich lineup, such as high -quality handlebar, stem seat pillars, which balance high rigidity and weight reduction. The handles that arrive this time are the most popular handles of BROTURES, and the usage rate of customers may be high! ? It has high cost performance and bullhorn is crushed, so it is easy to grasp, and the riser bar Street-Issimo is finished in a perfect width that is unnecessary. Needless to say about DEDA PISTA DropBar, it is a handle equipped as standard on a 725TR completed car! It is a famous handle that EMI Brown, a Leader Bikes rider, loves it! The rainy season has dawn, and the heat has gradually calmed down. As you have more opportunities to ride a bicycle, let's customize the handle as a switch!
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