Red Leaves Ride & Party With Broturs

It's autumn, so let's run leisurely while enjoying the autumn leaves. A smart ride from WIRED CAFE.
Go to Tokyo with the start of BROTURES, Run slowly about 10km while enjoying the autumn leaves. WIRED Yoyogi Park store will be the final arrival I will have a party from the evening. I hear a voice saying, "I'm looking for someone who runs together." You are not the only one who thinks so. There are many WIRED CAFE customers, so Many of the first customers of BROTURES will participate. I hope you can come casually.
  • WIRED CAFE Shibuya Q-Front store presentation "Red Leaves Ride & Party" with Brotures Harajuku WIRED CAFE Shibuya Q-FRONT community project! In November, Harajuku's piste bike shop "BROTURES""And a joint project. Brotures Harajuku Regardless of age or gender, everyone who likes chari gathered togetherId. Round around the autumn leaves spots in Tokyo. When the sun goes down, we have an exchange party at WIRED CAFE <> Fit in Yoyogi Park. Let's talk with people who don't usually have the opportunity to talk。 Surely a good encounter and connection will be born there. The theme this time is "relaxing interaction". Let's connect together! WIRED !! Date: 2012.11.24 (Sat) Ride/Free Party/¥ 2000 (with light food) * All -you -can -drink Sinha beer! ! 15:00 BROTURES HARAJUKU 15:30 Departure of Glue Pride Autumn leaves spots in Tokyo, commemorative photo 18:00 Arrive at Yoyogi Park 18:30 PARTY reception starts @wired Cafe <> Fit Yoyogi Park Store 19:00 PARTY start 21:30 Party ends 22:00 Complete withdrawal of course! ! Participants from the party are also welcome! ! The purpose of glue pride is not to run fast, so You can also participate in mamachari or folded bicycle. We look forward to your participation and sincere! ! WIRED CAFE Shibuya Q-FRONT store all the staff
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