Leader Bikes 735TR Custom Bike.

Leader Bikes 735TR Custom Bike ¥ 370,000- Part spec [Frame Set] Leader Bikes 735TR ¥ 55,000- (+Tax) [Fork]Leader Bikes i805 ¥ 24,000- (+Tax) [Handle] NITTO MOD.90 ¥ 36,000- (+Tax) [STEM] Leader Bikes Shield ¥ 8,000- (+tax) [SADDLE] Tioga Twin Tail ¥ 12,000- (+Tax) [SeatPost]Thomson Masterpiece ¥ 16,000- (+Tax) [Wheel.f r] BROTURES SHRED88 ¥ 55,000- (+tax) Brotures SHRED88 ¥ 59,000- (+tax) [CRANK]BROTURES RIP ¥ 2,4000- (+tax) This custom completed car is a very popular custom car in the Osaka store. The undercarriage parts are hardened with Brotures original parts. Custom Brotures Shred88 Crabon WHELL for the front and rear wheels. The crank is assembled with direct crank Brotures Rip Crank. Because it is custom with geometry very suitable for street ride There is no doubt that the ride comfort and appearance satisfaction. The reason for this is the shock absorption of the carbon wheels, so that the rattling comfort of the ground can be relaxed and the vibration that hits the hand is less. In addition, the RIP crank is a direct crank, so you can convey the power without loss, so you can feel the speed to the top speed, and the growth when the speed is riding. LOAN SIMULATION Amount ¥ 370,000- Fee ¥ 14,800- 1st payment amount ¥ 22,700- × 1 time Payment amount after the second time ¥ 21,300- × 17 times Please feel free to use it. We are waiting for you at Brotures Harajuku. U-KI.
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