Leader Bikes 735TR Custom Bike.

Leader Bikes 735TR White Custom Bike ¥ 395,000- PARTSSPEC [Frame]Leader Bikes 735TR WHITE ¥ 55,000- (+Tax) [Fork] Leader Bikes i805TR ¥ 24,000- (+Tax) [Handle] DEDA Street-Issmo ¥ 51,00- (+Tax) [STEM] Thomson X4 ¥ 8,400- (+Tax) [SADDLE] Fizi: K Arione ¥ 15,250- (+Tax) [Wheel.f r] BROTURES T3 F ¥ 90,000- (+Tax) R ¥ 59,000- (+tax) [CRANK]SUGINO75 D.D ¥ 55,000- (+tax) Today's custom completed car has customized Leader Bikes 735TR as a street specification. The appearance of this formation is generally called "cool", but this time I put in with a color on the saddle and handle. The wheels were introduced yesterday, but we customized carbon wheels back and forth. Customizing carbon wheels can reduce the rattling shock absorption of the ground As a result, long distances are supported, making it less tired. In addition, the three baton wheels of the front wheels have a large number of spokes on the finished car. The number of spokes is much less than the wheels. By reducing air resistance, the speed of reaching the top speed is faster. It is a wheel that can run more smoothly when the speed comes. And the best point that became a street specification this time is to the handle The riser bar is customized, and it is a handle that can be easily used as the condition rises. Furthermore, by customizing the stem of THONSON's length of 50mm in the stem The length of the top is shorter. The handle makes the state easier, and by reducing the stem further, it will be a easier fabric bike. From customs that are excellent in city riding, customs specializing in design, customs that emphasize lightness, and people, and the points that emphasize each person. The staff will assemble a custom bike that matches the customer from the beginning, so please feel free to come from an estimate. Kansaiiii- !!! LOAN SIMULATION Money ¥ 395,000- Fee ¥ 15,800- 1st payment amount ¥ 23,200- × 1 time Payment amount after the second time ¥ 22,800- × 17 times Please feel free to use. We are waiting for you at BROTURES Harajuku. U-KI
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