Brotures T3 Wheel Coming Soon

The Obon holiday ended yesterday, and most people have resumed work from today. I have a work unrelated to the Bon Holiday, but yesterday I got a holiday and went to Summer Sonic. I am very happy to see the long -awaited Pharrell Williams. Today we will introduce the new BROTURES ORIGINAL T3 wheels. Since its release, T3 has been very popular and has disappeared immediately, but the long -awaited restock has been decided. I plan to line up at the store in about a week. Since the number is small this time, we recommend that you make a reservation for those who have missed the last time or those who are aiming. BROTURES T3 Front ¥ 90,000 BROTURES T3 Rear ¥ 95,000 T3 wheels are more than one year of prototype tests in the United States, and the completed wheels, durability that can withstand street rides, carbon unique lightness, and absorption, so different dimensions. Guarants to guarantee. The design itself is performed in Japan and adopts a good design that is not found in the industry. It is a wheel that emphasizes recommended cost performance for those who want to install baton wheels but are expensive. It is a versatile wheel that matches any body. At BROTURES YOKOHAMA, there is also an exhibition of the body with T3 installed, so if you are worried, why not actually look and decide? I'm looking forward to seeing you again here.
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