It was last year's life, but if I thought, "This year is going to end safely," I tried to return to Hiroshima on the Shinkansen, and I couldn't return due to personal injury and I felt around (the end of the previous year was broken at the end of the year). This year there was no abnormality. " Now it's a half laughing story, but it was surprising that Adachi had just bought a wheel. I've heard a lot of theft, but it really happens close. 。 It's a big mistake if you think it's a personnel affairs. There is no overdoing measures against thief. Wheels are particularly vulnerable. The GREDDY HUB NUT to be introduced is a strange hub nut shaped like moxibustion. A special shape that can not be turned with a general -purpose wrench, which is a normal hexagonal nut. It cannot be removed unless it is a special tool with extremely small distribution volume. It doesn't seem to be good to show off security goods, so the photos of the tools will be hidden. There is no perfect security measures, but it is too late after it is done. First, solidify your defense with this nut. There should be quite a threatening power. GREDDY HUB NUT (2 pieces) ¥ 1,750- Exclusive tool ¥ 1,500-
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