"725TR Aerospoke Custom"

Among the 7 series of Leader Bikes, the longest history "725TR" !! Today, I would like to introduce a custom bike of Leader Bikes's representative model "725TR"! ! ・ Easton EA70 ¥ 9,000 (+Tax) ・ Stem Thomson X4 ¥ 8,400 (+tax) ・ Front wheel Aerospoke Black ¥ 68,000 (+Tax) AEROSPOKE is a popular wheel because it has a high strength and is relatively reasonable in baton wheels! ! Even a custom that only puts a baton wheel, it looks different, so it is recommended for those who emphasize the appearance! ! ・ Rear wheel BROTUURES ALLDAY ¥ 18,000 (+tax) ・ Crank BROTURES RIP ¥ 24,000 (+tax) BROTURES original crank! ! Make the most of the power applied through the pedal without loss, It is a direct crank with high cost performance! ! ・ Seat post THOMSON ELITE ¥ 8,400 (+tax) ・ Saddle FIZIK ARIONE ¥ 15,250 (+tax) It is a BLACK, and it is one that is particular about the appearance and riding comfort! ! ! With this custom ... all, ・ Leader Bikes 725TR Custom Bike ¥ 276,180 (+Tax) At BROTURES, a loan can be made, so If you simulate this motorcycle 12 times, ... Amount ¥ 298,274 (tax included) Fee ¥ 8,142 1st payment amount ¥ 25,916 × 1 Payment amount from the second time ¥ 25,500 × 11 We will always give you a loan chat, loan simulation, etc. Please feel free to speak! ! ! This custom bike is currently on display at the Osaka store, so please come to see it anytime! Then we are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA! ! Ayumu.
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)