HKK Chain connecting the world

Popular chains that are also used for bicycle races have arrived! HKK Vertex Blue ¥ 2,700 (+Tax) It is not written, but it is a color that is as close as possible to black. I'm very happy that I can use NJS certified racing chains at this low price. Of course, even though it is cheap, the strength and accuracy are NJS. If you are considering a drive line upgrade, please try it. HKK Vertex Silver ¥ 4,300 (+Tax) HKK Vertex Gold ¥ 4,300 (+Tax) It is a tough chain with a higher rigidity and higher accuracy than Blue. Fixed gears can be loaded on the chain just, especially if you do a skid. The chain grows unexpectedly. If it is still stretched, the life will be shortened or you can not ride a bicycle comfortably. Also, it is severe only because it is dirty, the oil is cut, and the part that directly connects to the riding and comfort. It is easy to neglect here unexpectedly. When you buy a bicycle, I think that there are many cases where normal chains are installed, but I want you to upgrade this opportunity and make it a comfortable ride!
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