The other day, the toughest stage of Tour de France, "Pyrenee Crossing", with a fixie Introduced "#Seabase1910" from PATRICK SEABASEHowever, he introduced the Tondemonai challenge four years ago. Click here for that video Turn, turn, turn, and turn. 。 。 What a speed that got into the slip of the leading vehicle firmly 83km/h Muscle strength that hits the top speed, energy beyond pine, physical strength, Furthermore, it is a top rider everywhere, until looks. As an aside. 。 I will try this Seabase a little mathematically. "83km / h = about about 1383m" The outer diameter of 700x23c is 668mm If you apply a circular percentage to the outer diameter, the outer periphery will appear. "668 x 3.14 = 2097.42mm" (theoretical value without load) Then, the distance to go around the wheel one rotation is "about 2.1m". Cadence 150 revolution/Each equivalent (quite a rowing pace) "1383m / 150 = 9.22m" The gear ratio to advance 9.22m per crank "9.22 / 2.1 = 4.39" appears. This is the top gear of the road bike. If it is a fix, it is about 57/13t and 53/12T. In any case, it's a dangerous speed in the city If you try, you should consider the place. As an aside "Maximum gear ratio" that can be set with parts that are easy to obtain If it is a pist "SUGINO ZEN 58T / Various NJS Small Gear 12T = 4.83" If it's a road bike "Outer 55T / sprocket top gear 11t = 5.00" If each is calculated under the same conditions If it is a fix, "91.35km / h" If it is a road, "94.50km / h" If you want to get 100km / h, you should bring the cadence to 180 revolutions. I repeat the crank three times for one second, but I do not recommend trying on public roads.
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