Knog Blinder Mob !!

Today we will introduce the new BLINDER MOB released by KNOG! Many people who have purchased a fixie bike at BROTURES know the Knog Blinder series. A new product has appeared from such a BLINDER series! The name is Blinder Mob! ! BLINDER MOB is a new idea LED light with a different irradiation angle depending on the model! BLINDER MOB ¥ 4,600- (+tax) Let's introduce the model and irradiation angle. EYE BALLER 15 ° Illuminated, but can be illuminated far away. Four Eyes can be illuminated from before 35 °. KID Grid 90 ° Illuminate a wide range. MR CHIPS 120 ° Shitly illuminates the feet. All types have more than 1000m visibility! It's so bright that you can't look directly! In addition, the board is a reflector to eliminate the blind spot when the light is turned off. It is an excellent one that can be recognized by a car even if the charging is expired while driving at night! Furthermore, MOB can be replaced with installation bands! When attaching to a handle or seat post, the silicon band can be changed depending on the size, so that the silicon band is prevented from breaking! In other functions, USB charging familiar in the BLINDER series, 100%waterproof specifications remain the same, 5 types of flashing patterns! It is an essential item for those who run at night! If you buy a fixie bike, light and lock are required! ! Only you can protect yourself and your piste bike! Please consider it at this opportunity of a new product! In addition, KNOG lights are substantial at the Osaka store. Each of each feature is different, so please choose the one that suits you! Ask the staff if you don't know! Then we are waiting at the store!
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