"Hed." In Stock !!!

Hed. Hed. From the pioneer of the piste boom, the top manufacturer "HED" is a top manufacturer that all say the mouth. Speaking of the baton wheels that everyone longs for, this is H3. It is used in various scenes, from overseas top riders to Girls Keirin. The conventional aluminum rim wheels use a lot of spokes, right? The spoke is entangled in the spoke, causing air resistance. This baton wheel has a shape that does not easily entangle air to reduce its air resistance. I think that there are differences depending on the shape, but the air resistance on the thin spokes of the aluminum wheel and the air resistance on the baton wheels of the baton wheel do not change much. In other words, there are two things that simply receive 20 or 30 air resistance, while the wheels have the advantage that air resistance decreases dramatically when it comes to three. That said, most of the people who buy it should have been crazy about this look! I will keep the heart of a persistent core fan that does not change at any time. In addition to the very small amount of arrival, there is no chance to arrive next time, so there is only a chance now! As soon as possible! ! Hed. H3 ¥ 178,000 (+tax)
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