HKK Vertex Chain Restock Now

HKK Vertex Chain Blue ¥ 2,700 HKK Vertex Chain Silver ¥ 4,300 HKK Vertex Chain Gold ¥ 4,300 What arrived this time is the arrival of the high accuracy of NJS certified and highly durable chains. Is it the only one who suddenly wants it when you hear NJS certification? ? This time, Blue, Silver, and Gold are all available. BLUE is a very affordable, but very cost -effective chain. If you want to use a good chain at a low price because it is a consumable item, this will be decided. GOLD and Silver are a bit higher, but the performance is even higher and highly durable. It is also recommended to install Gold or Silver only on the chain on the ALL BLACK body and customize it. Actually, I do that custom. The chain can be stretched out, and the lack of oil reduces the performance of the original running. Even if you use a good chain ring or a good cog, if the chain is low, it will kill the goodness of the parts. We recommend that you frequently replace only the severe parts. If you wish to replace it at the store, if you are vacant, you can exchange it on the spot, so please feel free to contact us.
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