It looks like it is emphasized in riding a fix. After all, if you want to ride it, the cooler is decided. However, it is easy to get worrisome if you are riding to some extent. Nothing is as fun as a comfortable bicycle. This is an introduction of the stock of discerning parts that are not noticeable. SRAM BLACK BOX BB for GXP ¥ 31,000 (+Tax) BB that can be used for GXP standard outboard cranks such as SRAM OMNIUM. Parts that are always rotating on a bicycle are actually about hubs and BB. The simple driving performance changes depending on how smooth this hub and BB turn. The bearing used in the Black Box is ceramic. The characteristic of ceramic bearings is that, unlike metal bearings, rust, harder, and low heating. In short, it turns around. It is a part that is usually difficult to get the sunlight, but why not try a difference in such a detailed place?
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