One of the longing!

Hed Wheels can't avoid anybody as long as you are on a fixie bike. Although it has been out of stock for a long time, it has been long -awaited the other day! I immediately installed H3 on a custom bike. The model used is Renovatio. It is a noteworthy model that the Leader Bike USA racing team actually has many results in the same frame. Frame: Leader Bikes Renovatio Handole: CINELLI MASH ROAD DropBar Stem: Thomson X2 SADDLE: f'zi: k arione R3 SeatPost: Thomson Elite Crank: Brotures Rip Crank Front Wheel: Hed H3 Raer Wheel: H Plus Son SL42 × Dura-Ace Track Hub For a simple but strong finish without much color. While incorporating the recent trends, I also incorporated the masterpieces of the past, and I tried to form a "one of my longing". I want to ride someday, what kind of bike do you finish?
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