The shape of the buttocks is ten colors. If so, the shape of your favorite saddle is different for individuals. The saddle that fits your ass is surprisingly comfortable and comfortable. And, unfortunately, there is a saddle that I would recommend for those who have not yet met a saddle that suits me. Tioga Twintail ¥ 12,000 (+Tax) TIOGA SPYDER TWINTAIL ¥ 13,000 (+tax) Although it is a thinner saddle among the lace saddles, it has a very gentle ride, contrary to the appearance because the TIOGA's unique Twintail structure makes the pedaling load moderate. In addition, the reverse of the tail part holds the buttocks in the appropriate position and supports pedaling. As you can see, Spyder is plastic and skeleton, so it is outstanding breathable and hard to get stuffy. Twintail weight is heavier with a small amount of pads added to Spyder, but it will exceed comfort. By the way, I have been using spyder for about 5 years. There is no saddle that fits any more. It is a personal opinion, so it does not apply to everyone, but if you have a hard body, I would like you to try it once. Even if you are not satisfied with the circle, you will surely get a good response.
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