What you can do to prevent theft

BROTURES always recommend rock and light for customers who have purchased the body. And most people who buy sports bikes for the first time will be reacting "Taiku!" Because I bought an expensive bicycle, but the lock was poor, it would be a stolen prey. In order to live a bicycle life with peace of mind, it is essential to have a strong lock. In fact, it is said that 10%of the purchase price of the body should be locked. So it is an introduction of chain locks and U -shaped locks from Kryptonite, which is worldwide and reliable worldwide. Evolituon mini ¥ 9,500 (+tax) Kryptolok mini-7 ¥ 5,200 (+tax) Keeper 785 ¥ 4,600 (+tax) If you look at the so -called "crypto orange" in the color of the Evolution mini, there is an anecdote that theft team is first removed from the target. Still, it is not 100%, so be careful. Just because you are parked in the bicycle parking lot does not mean your bicycle is protected. In addition, changing the location and time zone without fixing it and changing it irregularly will help prevent it. No matter how safe Japan is, there are quite a few theft of bicycles. Tomorrow is my body. Remember that you are the only one who can protect your bicycle.
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