Wako's Parts Cleaner in Stock

Chemicals that are essential for those who maintain themselves. The mechanic was selected, and two types of medium -dry and quick -drying were available. First of all, I will explain here. WAKO'S BC-8 (Naka-dried) Parts Cleaner ¥ 1,500 (OUT TAX) This part cleaner is slightly slower and is effective in removing oil and dirt attached to the chain. You can also degrease, for example, the IZUMI Super Tavenes chain has a storage solution, so it is sticky. It is essentially this usage to degrease with this part cleaner and then hang the chain oil. Some of you should know for the first time. If you are worried, please ask the mechanic. * Please note that rubber and plastic are easy to melt. WAKO'S BC-9 (quick-drying) Parts Cleaner ¥ 1500 (OUT TAX) This is a parts cleaner that can be used for degreasing and dirt removal because it has little effect on plastic and rubber because of quick -drying. This type is the part cleaner used in BROTURES. It can be used to remove dirt on the frame. In both types, the nozzle is a type that can be folded. If you are interested, please contact us.
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