The long -awaited collaboration frame

VIGORELLI of Cinelli x Chrome collaboration frame that has finally arrived! A traditional frame of CINELLI, which has a characteristic weak slope. A versatile player who covers from city riding to hard track races. In fact, CINELLI and Chrome joint racing teams have achieved numerous achievements in races such as Red Hood Crit and WolFPack Hustle. Although it is not a piste -like look, it has a specification that can be used for any situation, so you can make it a satisfying one from amateur to expert. This time, I tried to assemble it with a crackling racing spec. Honestly, I can't get so much. 。 I did whatever I wanted. By the way, this VIGORELLI¥ 194,000 (+tax)You can set up one. Please feel free to contact us as we will also create an estimate for free. As soon as it is in stock!
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