Leader Bikes 725TR SHRED CUSTOM W/FSA Com...

This time, we will introduce the custom vehicle finished with the FSA component. The handle, stem, and seat posts are FSA, and the crank is installing Sugino. And install BROTURES SHRED88 on the wheel! I finished it with a bullish image that was definitely impactful and would be noticeable even if I got on the city. The carbon feed wheels are not only looks, but the more they get out, the more performance they come out. The "spoke", which works in the direction of pulling back to the direction of travel as an air resistance, is reduced by shortening it with a high rim hat. It creates a smoother air flow with a high rim hat. The number of spokes is 20, the rear is 20 and the rear is to 24, and it also has the durability on the street. It is better to customize the wheels from the beginning! By all means, it is a custom you want to get on as the "first one"! ! Leader Bikes 725TR SHRED 88 Custom W/FSA Components ¥ 241,358 (+Tax) Loanshemile Total amount ¥ 241,358 Fee ¥ 12,767 First time ¥ 12,625 10,500 yen x 23 times after the second time
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