"Sugino Chairing Product"

What I would like to introduce today is the chain ring! ! It is a part of the engine part for a bicycle, but it is a part of the engine. It is an important part that is very involved in the ride! ! ! Today, I would like to introduce the chain ring of "Sugino", which has a reputation for high -precision parts from many chain rings! ! ・ SUGINO ZEN 144 ¥ 12,500 (+tax) ~ This Zen-144 is very popular, The PCD is 144, so it's a SRAM Omnium crank, a RIDER RIP crank, and a direct crank! ! ・ SUGINO SUPER ZEN 144 ¥ 33,200 (+tax) ~ Coat S-CUBIC on Zen144, which has a reputation for rigidity! ! A high -quality chain ring that has won numerous medals in the Olympics and the World Championships! ! ・ SUGINO SSG 144 ¥ 9,050 (+tax) ~ It is a chain ring of NJS certified PCD144! ! The same aluminum alloy uses a 7000 series lightweight material! ! ・ SUGINO MC 144 ¥ 12,400 (+tax) ~ Classicness and newness are well fused, from the old chromoly frame to an aero aluminum frame, It is a chain ring that also has a nice carbon frame! ! At the Osaka store, there are many types of teeth, so you can choose the gear ratio that suits your customers! ! Whether you want to run or are worried about the custom of the undercarriage, why not set the "SUGINO" chain ring once? ? You can experience the rowing comfort more than ever! ! Ayumu.
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