PHILWOOD LOW FLANGE Track Hub in Stock Now

Green of Low Flange has arrived from PHILWOOD. PHILWOOD continues to make high -quality parts that can be used safely in San Jose, California. Its quality has been highly evaluated by professional track racers and messengers around the world. BROTURES is a brand with a edge that created an original hub with PHILWOOD before. I guess many people use High Flange instead of this Low Flange. Like HIGH FLANGE, the hubshell is the highest quality 6061 aluminum alloy, which is excellent in rigidity and durability. Especially in the fix, the hub is more than expected by skids. That's one of the parts that I want to be concerned about. Personally, I think it would be the most cool if you work with HAIR LINE HARD anodized of H Plus Son Arche. Baton wheels and rim high wheels are good, but the wheels of the hand group are also recommended. If you are worried about the hand group wheel, please contact us. PHILWOOD LOW FLANGE Track Hub Front ¥ 26,800 PHILWOOD LOW FLANGE Track Hub Rear ¥ 29,800
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